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Sue Hagan’s As the Curtain Falls thoughtfully investigates the spiritual aspect of dying and offers a comforting message to those facing death. Drawing from diverse religious and spiritual sources, this compact book addresses common spiritual questions that the dying may ask, shares wisdom from various traditions and presents it in contemporary easy-to-understand language.

This book supports those who are saying farewell to their lives while trying to make peace with (or make sense of) the spiritual meaning of their lives. This book arose when Sue realized that many of her friends in the baby boomer generation who were experiencing family deaths had no religious dogma or philosophical principles to help them get through or even understand these painful times.

In addition, nowadays much attention is paid to physical end-of-life issues such as medical aid in dying without addressing the spiritual context surrounding death. In this book, Sue explains what she believes happens when a person dies, and offers words of comfort to anyone going through the dying process or those left behind. While not a book about grief, As the Curtain Falls explains in gentle and tender terms how our loved ones move into a different realm separate yet eternally connected to us.

Unlike many books on the market on the topic of dying, this book is short and to-the-point. It does not try to persuade or proselytize. It was written to address readers directly, assuming that the readers find themselves facing end of life issues. The core goal of the book is to provide comfort and a roadmap for this final journey.

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