Sue Hagan, AuthorSue Hagan grew up in the Midwest, spent two decades in the New York/New Jersey region and now lives in California. As a previously unpublished writer, she has been involved in the writing process for many years. She took memoir writing and screen-writing classes for several years at a local community college, participated in many writing programs at conferences and retreats, and is currently a member of Left Coast Writers. Her latest project is a middle grade adventure story.

Sue Hagan’s business career spanned several decades from graduate business school to management positions in the financial services industry in New York City and San Francisco.  Since retiring from the financial world, she has held leadership positions in several non-profit organizations in her community.

Sue Hagan has been involved in meditation practices and personal growth since having a Near Death Experience (NDE) in the 1980s. She has delved into non-dualistic wisdom traditions and is a graduate of the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Marin County, CA, She was a participant in the Ridhwan Diamond Heart program for several years. A person of faith, she is a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). She believes that spiritual information can be accessed through direct experience and mindfulness practices, whether the vehicle is a religious organization or some other tradition, and that pursuing one’s own inner spiritual development should be encouraged.

After being a caregiver for close family members who were dying, Sue became interested in the topic of how a dying person approaches the end of his/her life. To understand the institutional side of dying, she completed the San Francisco’s Zen Hospice Project Introduction to Mindful Caregiving Course and Final Passages’ Introduction to Conscious Dying and The Home Funeral Movement.  Seeking a philosophical understanding of the concepts of death and dying, she enrolled in the graduate program at Marian University and received a Certificate in Thanatology from that institution.  She is a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling.

Writing As the Curtain Falls has been a labor of love for Sue, and she offers it to the larger community to be of service to others. She has decided to donate a portion of any profits from the book to charitable organizations that she supports.

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